Managing Your Health

Prevention counts. There are many simple, quick steps that you can take to keep yourself well and in balance.

Supporting your gut – inner-ēco™– the gentle, coconut milk based kefir probiotic available in your local health food stores is uniquely designed to support, protect and promote optimum health.

8045 E. 40th Ave
Denver, CO 80207


Tea for your mental rituals and healthy drinks –Tea has medicinal values that are heart healthy, speeds the metabolism, and calms the mind. Ceylon Pearl Tea’s mission is to make a positive difference in society through the development and presentation of a high-quality, extremely healthy product line of a wide variety of delicious teas.

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Denver, Colorado 80231

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Biblically Based Psychology – Dr. Peggy Mitchell Norwood shares effective psychological strategies based on biblical principles to help you to live well.


To get your mind in gear – Innerviews by Mira Rubenstein. Mira is able to gently guide you through a process of creative self-exploration, within a safe, caring therapeutic environment, so that you can navigate life’s changes gracefully.

679 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203


For your best sleep – Urban Mattress products are the newest and the most technologically advanced sleeping systems on the market. Research shows that most peoples’ health increases greatly by upgrading their mattress and increasing their deep sleep, thus helping to maintain your chiropractic adjustments.

1160 Abilene Street
Aurora, CO 80012


Real Life Conversations on Wellness Education through Humor, Nutrition and Natural Remedies… Golden Souls By Design, Inspire Uplift, Educate
CJay Smith, Life Coach LeVerne Holmes, Nutritional Coach Roberta T. McClinon, Naturopathic Consultant

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