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Chiropractic care brings your system back into its natural state of alignment to promote health and well-being. Your spinal column and the rest of your physiology— muscles, joints, circulatory process, nervous system—all function best when the spine is correctly aligned and stabilized.

The key form of treatment is an adjustment, a gentle manipulation of the spine to correct misalignments or dislocations of the vertebrae. Chiropractors are health professionals who are trained to diagnose and specifically treat these spinal subluxations. Returning the misaligned bone to its proper position enables the body to heal.

The Journey to Wellness

Are you experiencing optimal health? Do you start your day feeling refreshed and fully supported by your system throughout a busy week? If not, Prolific Chiropractic can help you restore your energy level, alleviate pain, and achieve balance in your life.

Chiropractic is a form of health care that focuses on the relationship of the body's structure, primarily the spine, and its function. It is most often used to treat musculoskeletal conditions, including problems with the:

  • joints
  • bones
  • muscles
  • connective tissues (cartilage, ligaments, and tendons)

Correct spinal alignment is the foundation for your good health. The body has a powerful self-healing ability, and optimal health can be yours—at any age.

Rebalance Your Body, Rebalance Your Life

You can accomplish more and enjoy life fully when your system is in a state of “relaxed dynamism”. Chiropractic treatment promotes:

  • increased energy
  • higher productivity
  • sharper mental clarity
  • happier outlook
  • restful sleep

Established On Scientific Principles

Used by national sports figures and celebrities, as well as people you’d meet more often in everyday life, chiropractic care has a proven track record of success. It can release pressure that has built up on the neck, joints and back, bring relief from chronic pain, and enhance healthy circulation. When combined with smart nutritional choices and homeopathy, chiropractic treatments can strengthen your immune system.

Similar to the difference a really good night’s sleep can make, imagine feeling refreshed and energized more often

More days like this one—that’s what I want. After getting an adjustment, I felt clearer, and the pain in my left shoulder had vanished. It sure makes it easier to get going in the morning.” --KT

Helps a Range of Conditions

Chiropractic care has been documented for its effectiveness in improving a range of conditions—from allergies to sciatica to whiplash injuries. It’s a form of treatment that is ideal for professional athletes, weekend warriors, individuals who work outdoors, as well as office workers who spend long hours indoors in front of computers and in meetings. Chiropractic treatments are completely safe and can even be used to assist pregnant women and children in maintaining good health.


The use of spinal manipulation is one of the oldest forms of healing as described by Hippocrates in ancient Greece. The body’s natural healing ability functions best when there is a normal “flow” of impulses throughout the nervous system. This is supported by proper spinal alignment.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Clients

  • "I was unfamiliar with homeopathy. The remedies were easy enough to take (and affordable). Within the first two months, my migraine headaches became less debilitating and I could still function. They came less often over a period of time, and now I’ve gone eight months with no headaches at all."

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